Water Damage Photo Gallery

Bedroom floor with standing water

Fire Suppression Sprinklers Flood Local Property

Our team recently responded to multiple condominium units affected by an accidentally discharged fire suppression sprinkler system.  These systems have the ability to pump out numerous gallons of water in a very short amount of time, leading to a near flash flooding situation for these unit owners.  Upon arrival, we immediately began the process of extracting the standing water, followed by the placement of drying equipment to save as much of the affected area as possible.

Water damaged flooring in an Escambia County home near me

Residential Water Damage

Due to a leaking water heater, the flooring of this local home became saturated with water.  Upon inspection, it was discovered that the water had not only soaked into the top floor covering, but had also seeped down into the sub-floor.  To mitigate the situation, SERVPRO of Northwest Escambia County removed the top layer of floor, and employed multiple drying techniques to the remaining affected areas.

Water Damage Response

When a water damage occurs in your home or business, it is imperative to respond quickly to limit the amount of damages sustained.  In the picture above, a leaking toilet supply line allowed water to be absorbed into the bedroom carpeting, which in turn was absorbed into the bed linens.  Visit our water damage tips for helpful information on what do to until help arrives.

Targeting Drying Techniques

An HVAC leak lead to the saturation of the living room floor in this home.  In order to better target the affected area, SERVPRO of Northwest Escambia County "tented" the wet flooring: plastic was applied and taped down to concentrate the air from the machine to the specific area.  This technique often results in faster and more efficient drying for highly saturated zones.

When the Water Level Rises

A broken pipe in the wall of this home's laundry room led to substantial flooding.  By the time the homeowner became aware of the situation, water had already reached nearly every room in the house.  Upon arrival, SERVPRO of Northwest Escambia County began by extracting the standing water, followed by the placement of industry leading drying equipment, to help make the loss "Like it never even happened."

Water Damages Result in Mold

A leak in the HVAC closet of this home resulted in saturation of the surrounding carpet.  The water proceeded to soak through to the hardwood floor underneath, creating the perfect conditions for mold growth.  SERVPRO of Northwest Escambia County removed the affected carpeting and remediated the mold that had formed.

Water Damage in Gulf Breeze, FL

This saturated carpet was the result of a broken dishwasher pipe in a home in Gulf Breeze.  Upon arrival at the scene, SERVPRO of Northwest Escambia County began process of extracting as much water as possible, and then moved to onto removing damaged items and drying salvageable materials.