Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Roof Leaks Leads to Extensive Water Damage

What began as a small roof leak in a local home quickly turned into a large water damage situation.  After a recent storm, the small leak became much larger, allowing water to spread throughout the ceiling and walls, and begin affecting the contents of the home.  SERVPRO of Northwest Escambia County removed the ceiling and affected walls, dried and packed away the salvageable home contents, and dried the remaining structure, alleviating the water damages and making the home safe for the family again.

Extensive Storm Damage

SERVPRO of Northwest Escambia County is a member of the SERVPRO Storm Response Team, and as such, often travels as needed to assist communities in need after large storm events.  The property shown above sustained substantial damages to the first floor of the building after storm surge washed dirt and debris throughout the property.  Upon arrival, our team began assisting with the extraction, remediation and clean up processes to help get this company back to business as soon as possible.

Storm Damages Result In Mold

During a heavy thunderstorm, debris punctured a hole in the roof of this home.  As a result, water seeped into the ceiling and down the walls, creating the perfect conditions for mold growth.  To once again provide a safe environment for the family, SERVPRO of Northwest Escambia County removed the damaged materials, dried the surrounding area, and treated the property with microbial agents to combat future mold growth.

Water Damaged Ceiling Tiles

Heavy storms come with a variety of consequences for both commercial and residential properties.  Water damage is a common occurrence, whether from wind driven rain, roof leaks, or damaged plumbing as a result of storm conditions.  During a heavy storm, water penetrated into the ceiling of this home, resulting in the saturation and staining of the ceiling tiles.  SERVPRO of Northwest Escambia County removed all of the damaged materials, followed by a microbial application to eliminate mold growth.

Storm Damage Leads to Water Intrusion

A heavy rainstorm combined with a leaking roof can lead to disastrous consequences.  This residential property experienced just that.  A roof leak allowed rainwater to seep into the ceilings of multiple rooms, and begin running down some walls.  SERVPRO of Northwest Escambia County used industry leading equipment and technology to assess the situation and remediate the damages.

When Storms Strike

This residence was damaged by a falling tree during a storm.  The resulting hole let an abundance of moisture in, which caused further damaged to a large majority of the home.  After tarping the affected area to block any further moisture from getting in, our team worked to remove the damaged ceiling and drywall, and begin drying the other affected areas of the structure.